The Epsom Salt Council Review/Giveaway

I was fortunate enough to do a review for The Epsom Salt Council. The Epsom Salt Council has been around since 1993 to help spread the word on all the benefits Epsom salt can be used for.

They sent me a free sample of their Epsom salt which I found the container alone was pretty unique. When you look on the container of the box not only does it has directions, warnings, how to use Epsom salt, but it also included tons of recipes for what you can use it for.  Some of the recipes included how you can use it for Veggies, Lawn Care, Facials shrubs, foot scrubs and so much more. Did you know that it can also help you treat poison ivy, bee stings and mosquito bites? I sure didn’t. And I now know what to use next Summer when those mosquitoes start to come back.

So what did I do with the Epsom salt given to me? I made bath salts of course! (You can see my bath salts recipe from my Homemade Bath Salts post). After getting the package in the mail it took me a while to actually decide what I wanted to do with the Epsom salt and I actually saw a recipe on their Facebook page which lead me to do Bath Salts. It was a recipe for Candy Cane Bath Salts! Since Christmas is just around the corner I figured this would be perfect to do and handout to a couple of family members. Below is the recipe which was shared with the Epsom Salt Council from Best Unique Gift

Candy Cane Bath Salts

  • 3 cups of Epsom salt
  • 3 c. tsp almond oil
  • 9 drops of essential oil of peppermint
  • 1 drop red food coloring (more if you want)
  • Let stand a few hours.

That’s it! I didn’t use red food coloring in mine, but it sure did smell like candy canes in my bath last night and I can not wait to make some more of these for some of my girlfriends and family members this year for Christmas. After looking and seeing this idea I looked on The Epsom Salt Council’s facebook page and there are tons of other ways you can use Epsom Salt and I plan on using a couple more ideas and will be sharing them with you as I try them. But until then below are a couple of other bath salt recipes I’ve found throughout the web and with the help of The Epsom Salt Council’s facebook page!


    So with that here is the giveaway. The Epsom Salt Council will be giving one of you readers a sample of their Epsom Salt so you too can either make your own bath salts, décor or whatever you’d like.

    GIVEAWAY (Remember to leave separate comments per entry, thanks!)

    Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment letting me know what you would use the Epsom salt for or what new recipe you’d like to try with it.

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    The giveaway will start today and will go on for three weeks, plenty of time! You have until December 9th 11:59pm EST. The winner will be chosen via and will have 24 hours to get back to me after they are chosen.

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    Wordless Mondays

    Last week was hectic. My Princess came home with head lice from school. This is NOT fun what so ever and my first time ever having to deal with these little suckers. Now that they’re all dead it’s been hell getting them out. We’re about 60% done with these and I pray that I never have to deal with them again. Whew. Okay my venting is over. I have a ton of work to do today, but wanted to remind you guys that the Hard Candy Giveaway is ending in two days and we do have a new giveaway from Uppercase Living going on right now too. Make sure you enter. I hope you all have a great Monday and if not just remember to:

    (I need to buy this poster and have this in my office on stressful days.)


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    Uppercase Living Review/Giveaway

    Uppercase Living is a company that started in 2006 and offers their customers decorative lettering that gives them the opportunity and ability to personalize walls or any other surfaces you may want to put a personal touch to in your home.

    I was given this great opportunity to review a couple of their decals, which turned out to look great on my wall. As usual due to my camera that only works when she wants to, the pictures came out fuzzy, so I will show you what my wall looks like a little later. The decal I choose was a family decal that says, “Family is a gift that last Forever,” and Jen threw in a surprise and gave me a, “Welcome,” decal which I’m still deciding where to put up. The family decal went perfect in my family room where we spend most of our time. It’s below our family pictures. Now that the decal is up, it kind of just makes my room seem and feel a little bit more warm and cozy, especially now and days with this weather.

    Putting the decal up wasn’t hard at all either. In fact I thought for sure I would have the hubby do it for me, but I figured it out by myself and he was even surprised when I got home and had it up already. Now that the decal has been up and on my wall for a couple weeks now and Stinker hasn’t been able to get it off (he’s tried) which lets me know that the decal is strong and durable and will lasts even with my three year old running around. I’m looking forward to maybe purchasing some decal for a couple of more rooms around my house to give it a more warm and cozy touch.

    Not only can you order products online or in a catalog, but you can also host a party. Very similar to the Tupperware parties or a jewelry party, Uppercase Living allows you to host a party to show you all the different ways and designs you can put around your home. And like the other parties, Uppercase Living also gives you the opportunity to become an independent rep for them that they like to call Demonstrators. As a Demonstrator you can start off by getting one of two starter kits.


    Now for the giveaway time. Jen from Uppercase Living is giving one of my lovely readers a $25 gift certificate to Uppercase Living. So here are the directions to the giveaway:

    GIVEAWAY (Remember to leave separate comments per entry, thanks!)

    Mandatory Entry: Go to Uppercase Living and tell me which decal you would love to have and come back with a comment!

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    The giveaway will start today and will go on for three weeks, plenty of time! You have until November 30th 11:59pm EST. The winner will be chosen via and will have 24 hours to get back to me after they are chosen.


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    Wordless Mondays

    I’m definitely a big Twilight fan, but when I saw this last week while browsing Flickr I knew this would be an image I’d have to show all my lovely readers. I thought it was hilarious. It also gives me a reason to mention that in less than a month Eclipse comes out on DVD, December 2nd to be exact! This will be an early Birthday/Christmas gift for me since they are only five days apart.

    Before I forget, make sure you all enter the Hard Candy Giveaway still going on so make sure you enter if you haven’t and if you have make sure you’ve entered as many times as you can so that you have more then one chance to win. Also, please come back this week, I’ve been reviewing a ton of products the last couple weeks and there will be tons of giveaways added, so make sure you check back this week to see what new giveaways will be happening!

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    Friday Finds: Cupcakes!

    I’m back with Friday Finds. I’ve missed the last two because life has been hectic and when I wasn’t working I was running around trying to get everything ready I needed for my costume for Halloween and trying to play catch up with laundry, but I’m back and hopefully things will somewhat calm down a bit. Today my Friday Finds are all about cupcakes! I’ve been noticing a big trend of cupcakes for the last couple of years for birthday parties, jewelry, clothing, etc. There’s so much out there and these are the ones I’ve come across and have fallen in love with.

    I fell in love with Flirty Aprons awhile back sometime last year when I first read about their aprons on a blog review. They have aprons from everyone in your household!

    This Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Kit from Cupcake Confessional blew me away. Not sure if they ship to Canada or not, but if they do I will definitely be ordering one of these along with some of their other kits they have.

    This next kit comes from Cupcake Cuties. I wish I would have seen this when I did the Friday Finds for Breast Cancer Awareness. Each Cupcake Cuties Kit comes complete with
    24 easy-to-use, self-adhesive sleeves and all the custom toppings to complete the designated cupcake design. They have tons of different sets to choose from for all occasions.

    These Fizzy Bath Cupcakes look delish from Blissful Bath. There are many to choose from and all at an affordable price!

    This next cupcake items would be perfect for any ordinary girl. Wearable lipgloss Cupcake Necklace from Maggiesze1 is perfect for any girl to wear on the go.

    This last item I thought was the cutest thing ever! Cupcake Bandages from Dollydagger! They also have a couple more other cupcake items, but this was my favorite of them all!

    Have a great weekend! Please make sure you check out our latest giveaway from Hard Candy and tune in next week for three more giveaways being added!

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    Drama Queen Bath and Body Giveaway Winner

    The winner was determined by and is comment number two, Melissa. Congratulations! You will have up to 48 hours to reply. Thanks everyone who entered the giveaway and make sure if you haven’t already to enter to enter the Hard Candy Giveaway!

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    Dirty Girl Clean Review

    I got a wonderful opportunity to review an organic sugar scrub from Dirty Girl Clean. “All Dirty Girl Gardening products are hand-made with organic, environmentally sound ingredients and sometimes with the help of a fabulous cocktail,” stated on the label of the Organic Sugar Scrub.

    If you couldn’t tell yet, I love, love, love body scrubs and pretty much any bath and body products that will leave my skin feeling soft, clean and smelling good after I use it. It doesn’t hurt when it’s around my budget either. What girl doesn’t like that?  All of their products that are listed on their site are $20 or less. The body scrub retails for $14.50.

    I’ve had this scrub for a few weeks now and I’ve been using it for about a week and a half and have been enjoying it very much. The first thing that got me was the smell. I absolutely love Lavender scent; it’s at the top of my list. So when I opened up the container I smiled with the biggest grin ever. The smell wasn’t too powerful, but you could tell and know when the container was opened.

    One of the great things about Dirty Girl Clean products is that they use words we can understand in their ingredients, Turbinado sugar, lavender essential oil and almond oil, that’s it! How awesome is that, to know exactly what you’re getting in a product is something I think all companies should do. Make it simple and easy for your customers to read and understand.

    I first tried the scrub and did exactly what the directions told me to because I wanted to enjoy the experience, so as per directions it tells me to, “Apply on body as an exfoliate with warm water in bath or shower. Use on under arms or legs before shaving to exfoliate and soften the skin.” I have to tell you, my legs came out feeling smooth and shiny after putting the scrub on before I shaved them. And I simply couldn’t get over how good my underarms smelled and for how long after I applied the scrub on them before shaving. I was very impressed and still am.

    I’m recommending this scrub because I know that once this container of scrub is gone, I’m going to be heading over to Dirty Girl Clean and wanting to buy some for myself and for a few family members just in time for Christmas.


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    Wordless Monday

    So wow, I haven’t posted in a bit, my apologies. With Halloween and getting ready for the annual Halloween party, plus work and the household, things have been crazy. But I’m back and this week there will be a few more giveaways going on so make sure to keep checking in so that you can enter. And if you haven’t entered yet we still have the Drama Queen Bath and Body Giveaway going on. Tomorrow is the last day to enter, so please make sure you enter if you haven’t yet. We also have our Hard Candy Giveaway going on as well. Here’s a picture of Stinker and Princess (Spiderman and Barbie Mermaid) Hope you all had a great Halloween and have a great week!

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    Hard Candy Review/Giveaway {CLOSED}

    I was given such an exciting opportunity to do a review on some of Hard Candy Cosmetics products. This was so exciting. I absolutely love Hard Candy and have bought their products in the past and will continue to buy them. One of my favorite things I love about Hard Candy is that all of their products are $10 or less! If you remember I featured them in my Friday Finds: A Buck or Two post.

    When I opened up my little box of goodies I saw three different products, two of three I hadn’t tried before and was really excited to try. I was given Glitteratzi, a shimmer body spray, a box of a Eye Tattoos, which contains three different eye shadow sets and Plumping Serum, a volumizing lip gloss.

    Of course the first thing I opened was the product I had used before, the lip gloss. I’ve always been a fan of Hard Candy’s lip gloss and this was no different and it never fails. The rich thick lip gloss that brings out the plumpness in your lips did just that and one of the best parts is that it lasts for awhile. The gloss isn’t too heavy and it doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky like some lip glosses I’ve used in the past. It left my lips satisfying and I didn’t have to reapply for a few hours, which is always good.

    The Glitteratzi shimmer body spray was pretty neat. I actually opened that this passed weekend for my daughter for a Halloween party she went to. That day we both used it. You do have to shake it up before using it so that it’s not clumpy when you spray it and the best part about it is that it didn’t leave me feeling sticky, which I loved. And the drying time for the spray was really quick. It was also pretty easy to come off.

    Now for the last product, the eye tattoos. I actually never heard of these before and so this took me a while to try and put on. It wasn’t hard to put on, I think I was more afraid on how it would look. The eye tattoo itself was a pretty easy process and didn’t take much to put on. Unlike regular tattoos, these didn’t need water, which I liked. After placing and positioning the tattoo on your eyelid you then need to just smooth it out and peel it off. You have that option to keep the design like it is or blend in the colors to make a unique look. Once done all you need to do is use a setting powder and the small brush that is provided to seal your look so you can wear it. I’m very impressed! I actually went to my local Wal-Mart to see if they had these along with another body spray for Princess. They had the body spray, but not the eye tattoos so I will be ordering from their site soon. You can’t go wrong with Hard Candy Cosmetics. Not only are they affordable for all of us divas in this economy on a budget, but their products are well worth it and do its justice and more.

    I like that their makeup isn’t just for the young teen girls, it’s pretty much for every girl, woman out there. If you check out their other items, you’ll notice the cool vibrant colors of their eye shadows, nail polish, etc. What’s cool is that all their products can be found at your local Wal-Mart.


    So now, on to your favorite part! The awesome people from Hard Candy is giving one of Just An Ordinary Girl readers the same set they gave me, The shimmer body spray, lip gloss and eye tattoo. So here are the directions for the giveaway:

    GIVEAWAY (Remember to leave separate comments per entry, thanks!)

    Mandatory Entry: Join Just An Ordinary Girl on Facebook or subscribe via email

    Extra Entries:

    1. Become a fan on Hard Candy Facebook
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    3. Leave a comment and tell me which of the three products are you looking forward to trying if you win.
    4. Tell Hard Candy on their facebook page your favorite item of theirs or which one you’d like to try.

    The giveaway will start today and will go on for three weeks, plenty of time! You have until November 17th 11:59pm EST. The winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to get back to me after they are chosen.

    Good luck!

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    Wordless Mondays

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