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Now I’m Blushing!

After getting my first blog award last week, I was hit with another one from Johanna from Mom’s Tree House. She gave me the Versatile Blog Award, which I gladly accepted and truly appreciate. I’m so honored to know that … Continue reading

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Friday Finds: Fall Themed

This is something I think I want to start doing on Fridays, it’s easy and simple and it gets a lot of shops and their products out there, which is always awesome to do. Today I’m in the Fall mood. The … Continue reading

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Now Back To Our Normal Schedule!

School is back in session and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy and excited I am. Not only is my Princess in SK (Senior Kindergarten) but she’s in school now five days a week! (Jumps for Joy!) … Continue reading

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Camera Please!

I’m jealous that every blog I read or scan through has beautiful pictures of them cooking, decorating, of their family, etc. The quality of the picture and how it turns out, I think draws the readers to that certain blog … Continue reading

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Happy Hump Day!

Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week next to Friday. I guess it just reminds me that the weekend is around the corner and it is okay to have a glass of wine, it’s the middle of … Continue reading

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I Do Have A Social Life!

I work from home, so getting out of the house and going out isn’t daily for me. I think my recent trip to California has a lot to do with me being back to my socially self. I’ve been going … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry I’m Lazy!

Is what hubby said to me last night as I was cleaning the kitchen in between my break from work. (He’s gonna kill me for posting this) “I see you cleaning and I want to clean downstairs, but then I don’t,” I looked … Continue reading

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Hey all! So what better way to start a blog off then to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a 26 year old wife and mother of two little ones, let’s just refer to them as Hubby, Princess … Continue reading

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