Friday Finds: This Is Why I’m Broke

I stumbled upon this site, This Is Why I’m Broke, a while ago, but just remembered it again when a good friend posted an item from the site this week. So this week’s finds will be some of my all time favorite items that are from the site. (It was VERY hard to choose just five. I will have to make another post about some of the other items I want later!) Enjoy!

Ice Luge

The Ice Lug! Perfect for a party for any occasion. This would be pretty awesome if you were at a party and had this. Your drinks would always be cold and never watered down.

Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

I don’t smoke, but this Mini Fire  Extinguisher Lighter would be a pretty cool gift to give a friend/family member who does. I thought this was pretty cool looking and it’s really affordable too!

Virtual Infared Keyboard

This Virtual Infrared Keyboard caught my eye. I think it would be pretty cool and different to have on your desk. At least you’ll never need that can of air again, lol!

Endless Edges Brownie Pan

I know a lot of people who would love this. People for some reason like the edge of a brownie. I know I do. I love the mix of crunchieness and softness on a good moist brownie, that’s why the Endless Edges Brownie Pan would be freaking awesome to  have.

Snuggle Pillow

I thought this Boyfriend Pillow was pretty funny, but now that I think about it. When the hubby was gone for three weeks for work, this would have been nice to snuggle with in my bed so I could get some sleep.

Have a great weekend!

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