Dirty Girl Clean Review

I got a wonderful opportunity to review an organic sugar scrub from Dirty Girl Clean. “All Dirty Girl Gardening products are hand-made with organic, environmentally sound ingredients and sometimes with the help of a fabulous cocktail,” stated on the label of the Organic Sugar Scrub.

If you couldn’t tell yet, I love, love, love body scrubs and pretty much any bath and body products that will leave my skin feeling soft, clean and smelling good after I use it. It doesn’t hurt when it’s around my budget either. What girl doesn’t like that?  All of their products that are listed on their site are $20 or less. The body scrub retails for $14.50.

I’ve had this scrub for a few weeks now and I’ve been using it for about a week and a half and have been enjoying it very much. The first thing that got me was the smell. I absolutely love Lavender scent; it’s at the top of my list. So when I opened up the container I smiled with the biggest grin ever. The smell wasn’t too powerful, but you could tell and know when the container was opened.

One of the great things about Dirty Girl Clean products is that they use words we can understand in their ingredients, Turbinado sugar, lavender essential oil and almond oil, that’s it! How awesome is that, to know exactly what you’re getting in a product is something I think all companies should do. Make it simple and easy for your customers to read and understand.

I first tried the scrub and did exactly what the directions told me to because I wanted to enjoy the experience, so as per directions it tells me to, “Apply on body as an exfoliate with warm water in bath or shower. Use on under arms or legs before shaving to exfoliate and soften the skin.” I have to tell you, my legs came out feeling smooth and shiny after putting the scrub on before I shaved them. And I simply couldn’t get over how good my underarms smelled and for how long after I applied the scrub on them before shaving. I was very impressed and still am.

I’m recommending this scrub because I know that once this container of scrub is gone, I’m going to be heading over to Dirty Girl Clean and wanting to buy some for myself and for a few family members just in time for Christmas.


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One Response to Dirty Girl Clean Review

  1. Thanks for the mention and glad you like it! I’m addicted myself!

    xoxox Cheers!

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