Wordless Mondays

I know. It’s normally Wordless Wednesday, but Mondays are my busiest days at work. I’m literally working from the time I put Princess on the bus til late in the evenings and I still want to make at least three to four posts a week. So this will be a recurring post of all the funny, crazy, entertaining images I find while browsing the web. And also a way to remind you all of the two giveaways going on, $25 Gift Certificate Grace Printables (10/20) and Drama Queen Bath and Body Giveaway (11/2). If you haven’t entered do it, por favor! Oh yeah, yesterday was spent in bed and on the couch with my big bubba cup full of water, so my girls night in was a success. Thank goodness Hubby spoils me, he took care of the kids, house and cooked me food all day long. I’m pretty lucky!

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3 Responses to Wordless Mondays

  1. Britlana says:

    Hahahaha I love that picture!!!!! I wish I had the drive to publish twice a week like I want to. I am just so busy lately!!!!

  2. Open Channel Time says:

    I like the site, I was wondering how you got the Bloggy Moms on the tool bar? I have been having trouble getting it on.

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