Friday Finds: Pumpkin Lovin’

I know this is late, but better yet then never, right? Today has been pretty busy so I’m pretty proud of myself for following through my plans and posting my Friday Finds, enjoy!

It’s offically Fall and I’m so excited! I’ve been craving pumpkin  and not really the pumpkin pie, although I wouldn’t turn that down right now if it was handed to me, but just the pumpkin scent. So for today’s Friday Find it’s all about pumpkin. I hope you guys love these finds as much as I do and have a terrific Friday.

Pumpkin Butter Soap from Bungalow BathBody (She’s actually having a sale right now on all soaps and scrubs, head over now before it ends!)

Little Fall/Halloween Mixed Metal Pumpkin from Little Green Room

Harvest Moon Carved Pumpkin from Lizix26

Pumpkin Pie Mini Cupcake Soaps from KcSoapsNmore

Women’s Knit Beret Hat Pumpkin from Moon Beam Hand Knits

Harvest Spice Pumpkin  Boutique Croched Hat from Sweet Baby Lena

I encourage you all to go and visit these shops. I’ve been looking on and off most of the night and absolultey love what I see. Well, I’m off to rest for my brother in law’s 30th birthday party tomorrow night. I’m pretty excited to see how drunk he’ll get and to pay him back from the drinks he makes me. I hope you all have a terrific weekend!

~Ordinary Girl

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3 Responses to Friday Finds: Pumpkin Lovin’

  1. Leigh says:

    These look delicious! LOL. Now I am craving pumpkin too.

  2. Amy Aguirre says:

    What a great collection of Pumpkin goodies! Thanks so much for including my pumpkin necklace on your blog. ~ Amy/littlegreenroom 🙂

  3. Very cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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