Camera Please!

I’m jealous that every blog I read or scan through has beautiful pictures of them cooking, decorating, of their family, etc. The quality of the picture and how it turns out, I think draws the readers to that certain blog and my camera sucks butt!

I had a pretty good camera that I bought right after Princess was born, but Stinker got ahold of it and let’s just say I had to take a trip to Walmart and get the only thing I could afford at the time and I haven’t been able to get a new one since. Right now I have a polaroid 9.0 mega pixel, I mean, it gets the job done and it’s pretty girly looking, what attracted me to this one was because it was my favorite color, purple.

It’s really sad because there are times when I find an awesome recipe and the food I make turns out looking so pretty and taste yummy, but when I take a picture of it I’m not satisfied at all with the quality of the picture so I delete it. You’ve already seen the work of my camera if you read my Bath Salts post, it’s not the best, it can be a lot better.

So while I work on trying to get another Christmas present early (Just bought an entertainment center, i’ll show you all later), I would really and truly love it if you can all leave comments and tell me what kinda camera you use for blogging or for just your everyday use.

Have an awesome weekend, tomorrow is SO on! There will be pics, yes a few pics of our girls night out. I leave you now with a small collage that`s probably gonna get me killed for posting, but its so worth it! This is how Girls Night Out went in the past! (These are the ones that wont get us in trouble!)

~Ordinary Girl

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2 Responses to Camera Please!

  1. You want one of the Nikon DSLRs! Then you can get some nifty lenses and have a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. Sabrina says:

    Hey Quita! I too need a new cam due to one of my dogs chewing on the usb cord and a cracked battey door, but I thought mine was okay when I got it, it’s a Kodak easy share C713. The only reason I got it is because of the easy share and it’s printer dock compatible (which I never did go back and get, I was just happy to have a digital cam lol). I’m not sure if about over in Canada, but sells are starting now on electronics at different stores… especially online.

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