I Do Have A Social Life!

I work from home, so getting out of the house and going out isn’t daily for me. I think my recent trip to California has a lot to do with me being back to my socially self. I’ve been going out of the house more, hanging out with my girlfriends a lot more and planning so many activities and outings, which I absolutely love and I’m so pumped and excited for so I’ll go ahead and brag share what I’m up to the next couple months!

This weekend we’re celebrating my friend, L, coming out with the girls for the first time since her little girl was born in July. I’m so excited, I don’t even have the words to tell you how happy I am while typing this post. I plan on having a ton of fun with pictures and stories to tell and hopefully not too bad of a hangover!

A couple weekends later we’ll be celebrating my brother in law turning the big 3-0 and believe me when I say that night I am going to pay him back from all the times he’s made me take shots with him and made my drinks with a cup full of vodka and a splash of juice. Although it’s not all his fault, I could say no to the shots and not drink the beverage he makes, but what fun would I be if I wasted alcohol like that?!?! (LOL)

October 2nd the girls and I are going to see LL Cool J at the Windsor Casino and I’ve already started planing my outfit and  downloading tons of LL songs and dancing and rapping along as I clean the house up. The best part is, we have a free night at the hotel in the Casino! (Technically the hotel pass belongs to my in laws who are still on vacation in California right now and have no idea we plan on using their hotel pass, but I’m sure they won’t mind)  

The end of October we have the annual Halloween party that my sister in law hosts and I’m jumping up and down because we have friends coming down from California at that time and will be here to help us celebrate! I plan on being the Queen of Hearts and can not wait to show you all the costume!

So yes, yes I do have a social life or I have it back and I’m loving every minute of it.  Before I forget, make sure you all enter that Giveaway that’s ending this Thursday!

Have a great Labor Day!

~Ordinary Girl

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3 Responses to I Do Have A Social Life!

  1. Sabrina says:

    I love LL!!! Quita make sure you have enough fun for the both of us!

  2. Kissy says:

    Jealous. *makes a pouty face*

  3. Pam says:

    Please make sure my son has a good hangover! LMAO! Wish I could be there too, but I hope his Dad takes lots of pictures for me to see… Enjoy life! We only live once…. 🙂

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