I’m Sorry I’m Lazy!

Is what hubby said to me last night as I was cleaning the kitchen in between my break from work. (He’s gonna kill me for posting this) “I see you cleaning and I want to clean downstairs, but then I don’t,” I looked at him, laughed and told him it was okay. This doesn’t happen often! I’m gonna be totally honest, I usually bitch (excuse the language) or sigh or make a ton of noise while cleaning so he can get the hint that I want him to do something. I want to say I try and not be that nagging wife, but that never works out in his favor, but last night it was late, he worked a pretty long day and I actually was just cleaning the kitchen, enjoying the new music I added to my Ipod and singing my lungs out while freaking Izzy out. I can’t tell you how many times this dog barked and ran to the door while I had my mini concert going on. I sometimes wonder about her.

On another note, it’s Friday!!! Even though I have to work tomorrow I still love my Fridays and I still enjoy a glass or two or three (whispers) or even the entire bottle and let loose and enjoy myself. So I want to wish you all a happy Friday and make sure if you haven’t already to enter the Sigma makeup Giveaway  that was posted yesterday cause ya’ll have until next Thursday before it ends. Remember there will be five winners so you have a pretty good chance on winning some awesome eyeshadow!

~Ordinary Girl

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One Response to I’m Sorry I’m Lazy!

  1. Hahahaha! “”…and I want to clean downstairs, but then I don’t,”” I feel the SAME way!!

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